Chapter11: Graph Neural Networks: Graph Generation

Renjie Liao, University of Toronto,


In this chapter, we first review a few classic probabilistic models for graph generation including the Erd˝os–R´enyi model and the stochastic block model. Then we introduce several representative modern graph generative models that leverage deep learning techniques like graph neural networks, variational auto-encoders, deep auto-regressive models, and generative adversarial networks. At last, we conclude the chapter with a discussion on potential future directions.


  • Introduction
  • Classic Graph Generative Models
    • Erdos-Renyi Model
    • Stochastic Block Model
  • Deep Graph Generative Models
    • Representing Graphs
    • Variational Auto-Encoder Methods
    • Deep Autoregressive Methods
    • Generative Adversarial Methods
  • Summary


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